Sharpen AI Gets Stuck Trying To Update To Version 4.0 Or Higher

Some users may experience a stuck updater when trying to update to version 4.0 of Sharpen AI (or higher) from within a previous version of Sharpen AI. This can happen on Mac or Windows.

The symptom may be a progress bar that gets stuck at 6MB/6MB or 10MB/10MB or something similar. It may also just do nothing. If you experience this behavior, you'll want to update to Sharpen AI by following the steps below.

1) Go to Applications/Topaz Labs LLC and delete the Sharpen AI folder.

2) Download a new Mac installer from our Topaz Labs Download Page and open it.

3) Complete the drag and drop installation process. This will install the program directly into your Applications folder. Do NOT move it to the previous installation location as doing so will break the functionality of the app.

4) If you use Photoshop or Lightroom, make sure they are completely closed and quit before proceeding to step 5.

5) Go to Applications and open Sharpen AI directly from the Topaz Sharpen in the Applications folder. Once opened, it should prompt you to uninstall the previous version. Please do so. Keeping both versions will cause conflicts. Follow any additional prompts as well.

6) If you see any Sharpen AI icons with questions marks in them, this is a shortcut to the old version and it should be deleted.

1) Download a fresh installer directly from our Topaz Labs Download Page and follow the installation wizard. No additional steps should be needed.

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