Installer Payload Initialization Failed Error When Installing A Topaz App

If you get an error message that says ''Installer payload initialization failed'' while trying to download or install our software, something on your computer or network is blocking our server from downloading components of our app.

There are two common solutions:

1) The most common reason for this error is a conflict caused by a program called System Mechanic. 

If you have a program called System Mechanic installed on your computer, you may need to disable or uninstall it and download the installer again from our website. We have found that System Mechanic will block our software from installing even while System Mechanic is disabled, and temporarily removing System Mechanic may be necessary to successfully run our installer.

So long as you obtained our installer directly from or an email from Topaz Labs, your installer should be safe to run.

2) If you don't have System Mechanic on your computer, try using the full installer for our app installation. It may allow you to bypass this conflict from an unknown source.

To download a full installer, log in to your account and go to the My Products page of your account. Download the installer for the most recent version you own if it's the same version you're trying to install. 

Alternatively, you can download the newest available version of the app directly from our Topaz Labs Download Page as well. If you don't own this version, you will be prompted to purchase an upgrade license when you sign in.

3) In less frequent occassions, we've determined that browser conflicts may contribute to this conflict. If the above solutions have not worked, please download a fresh installer from our Topaz Labs Download Page using a different browser than the browser used before the conflict.

Both of these download sources will provide the full installer, and one of these solutions should be all that's needed to complete your download.

Please reach out if you continue to have a conflict with this error message.

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