JPEG To RAW AI Release Notes

March 2021: Please note that JPEG To RAW AI will not receive further updates and the features of JPEG To RAW AI Are being incorporated into Gigapixel AI.

MacOS Users: Please note that the last compatible MacOS for JPEG to RAW AI is MacOS 10.15 Catalina. JPEG To RAW AI will not function on MacOS versions released after MacOS 10.15 Catalina. For newer MacOS devices, please use Gigapixel AI instead.

v 2.2.1

August 2, 2019


  • Fix crash on export with TIFF files caused by metadata issue

v 2.2.0

July 17, 2019


  • Improved Metadata Support

v 2.1.1

May 23, 2019


  • Substantially reduced edge artifacts introduced in previous version while still maintaining shadow details

New Features:

  • Auto setting mode

v 2.1.0

May 22,2019

New Features

  • A new option to disable anonymous data collection has been added to the preference window
  • New ‘Allowed graphics memory consumption’ control to set the allowed amount of graphics memory that the application can consume while processing images. This may help users that experience crashing while processing images. This setting is only applicable when the processing mode is ‘GPU’. This can be accessed in the ‘Preferences’ window
  • When processing files, the number of files being processed will be displayed in the wait message
  • When processing files, the number of files being processed will be displayed on the title bar so that progress can be tracked even when the application is minimized
  • When processing files, the current percentage of completion is displayed on the right side of the output item box
  • An overlay with an icon is displayed over the input thumbnail to indicate that it can be clicked to view the original file outside of the application


  • Revised application user interface
  • The application version and the number of days remaining in a trial (if the application is in trial mode) are now displayed in the top toolbar instead of the application title bar
  • The icon to display the preview of the input or output file has been replaced with a hyperlink that displays the path and name of the file.
  • When the progress bar reaches completion for a file, it will no longer be displayed continuously
  • The “Processing”, “Output”, and “File Format” sections in the right panel can now be collapsed
  • The “Original”, “Preview”, and Brightness/Contrast warning labels in the preview panel will disappear if the mouse cursor is placed over them allowing those parts of the image to be displayed
  • Improved processing models


  • Windows - For displays that use a high scale (to increase the size of text on high resolution displays), the product tour may become impossible to close
  • The Application may fail to install or run when folder or file names contain non-latin characters
  • MacOS: Saving output file to root folder could crash the application

v 2.0.1

April 4,2019


  • When saving an image to DNG, the file may have problems opening in Adobe Photoshop

v 2.0.0

April 3, 2019

New Features

  • Added a product tour that explains various features and settings. This will appear on the first run of the product and can be accessed from the ‘Help’ menu
  • A ‘Buy Now’ button has been added to the upper toolbar when the application is running in a trial period
  • A new preferences window for the application has been added. Depending on platform, it can be accessed through the ‘File’ or [Application Name] menu.
  • The preview panel will open by default after adding the first image. This can be disabled in the new preferences window
  • In the file processing list, the color profile is detected and displayed under the file name for both the input and output side.
  • If there are enough files to necessitate scrolling, while the application is processing, you can now scroll through the list
  • Added a new Expand/Collapse Preview Navigation button. This will allow you to see more in the preview window when you want to
  • An option for TIF has been added to the ‘Convert Files To’ list box.
  • A confirmation prompt will appear if the application is processing and the user requests to quit the application


  • Revised application icons
  • Revised application splash screen
  • Improved processing models
  • Under the hood changes to the way that TIF/TIFF files are saved to disk and the way that metadata is transferred from the source file to the output file
  • The ‘Use dedicated graphics processing’ option in the help menu has been moved to the new preferences window. It is labeled as ‘Processing Mode’
  • The ‘Background Processing’ option in the help menu has been moved to the new preferences window. It is labeled as ‘Process images as a background task’
  • The ‘Enable File Logging/Disable File Logging’ option in the help menu has been reworded to ‘File Logging: On/Off’
  • The icon next to the zoom control has been revised
  • Moved the ‘Preview’ button from the bottom of the application to be next to the ‘Clear All’ and ‘Open’ buttons above the file list
  • Revised positions of the ‘Input’ and ‘Output’ labels
  • In the processing list, the preview icon, file name, and resolution are now vertically centered
  • The ’Noise and Blur Reduction’ control has been split into 2 controls: ‘Suppress JPEG Artifacts’ and ‘Remove Blur’
  • When the Custom Folder option is selected for the Save to control, the folder selection window is automatically displayed
  • When typing in the ‘Output Filename Prefix’ or ‘Suffix’ textfields, the changes are reflected as you type each character
  • The ‘Stop’ button should be more responsive when pressed. Additionally, the ‘Processing’ message will display ‘Stopping’ to inform the user
  • The ‘Start’ button cannot be clicked if a valid path to save output files has not been specified
  • Revised ‘About’ dialog window
  • Revised ‘Graphics Information’ dialog window
  • Revised message box dialogs throughout the application. This unifies the look and feel across platforms
  • Revised language on the File Logging popup window
  • The login window has been revised
  • The title bar will not indicate “0 days remaining” for users who have not begun their 30-day trials


  • Application authorization bug fixes
  • Attempting to login to the application can result in a “Cannot connect to server” error
  • Windows: Dashes and underscores in the ‘Prefix’ or ‘Suffix’ textfields may not appear even if they are entered by the user.
    MacOS: The product may not be able to establish a connection to authenticate ownership
    When a file is processed to the TIF/TIFF format, opening the file in Adobe Photoshop may result in a warning that the file is damaged
    MacOS: Users of 10.14 Mojave may have missing or unreadable buttons on the Trial Expired or Start Trial dialog message boxes.

v 1.0.0

January 28, 2019

Initial Release

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