What Cameras Are Supported In Topaz Labs Apps?

Topaz Labs currently uses open source software from LibRaw.org to handle raw files within our apps.

Popular Cameras Not Yet Supported
There are several popular cameras not currently supported, but expected to be supported in the future. We recommend converting these files to a non-raw format before importing into our software for the time being. These cameras include: 

- Olympus OM-1
- Nikon Z9
- Canon R3

Note: There is a known bug in which some Canon CR2 and CR3 files will crash when loaded into our apps. This bug is caused by another third-party software included in our apps and we are working to resolve that conflict as soon as possible.

Supported Cameras Lists

Gigapixel AI, Sharpen AI, and DeNoise AI Supported Cameras
Studio 2, Mask AI, and Adjust AI Supported Cameras

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