My DeNoise AI Plugin for Lightroom is Not Working

Before using the DeNoise AI Lightroom plugin, please restart Lightroom by fully closing it and reopening it.

After opening Lightroom, you will find the Topaz DeNoise AI plugin in the following places.

  • The Photo > Edit in menu
  • By right clicking (Windows) or Ctrl + clicking (Mac) an image, then navigating to the Edit in menu

When the DeNoise AI Lightroom plugin is used, the following steps occur.

  1. Lightroom creates a TIF copy of your image.
  2. DeNoise AI opens in External Editor mode, indicated by External Editor next to version number on top left and the Apply button on the bottom right.
  3. DeNoise AI receives the TIF image from Lightroom.
  4. Clicking Apply processes the image.
  5. When processing is complete, DeNoise AI sends the denoised image back to Lightroom.
  6. DeNoise AI closes.

If your Lightroom plugin is not working as expected please follow the instructions below.

How to Reset Your DeNoise AI Plugin for Lightroom

Please follow these steps exactly. This process will clear your DeNoise AI presets and allow you to re-establish the preset from scratch. Each step is critical and should be followed exactly.

  1. Delete all existing DeNoise AI presets in Lightroom External Editor options:
    How To Delete Lightroom Presets
  2. Clear the Custom preset if it says Topaz DeNoise AI or Topaz DeNoise AI External Editor.
  3. Close Lightroom and uninstall DeNoise AI from your computer. On MacOS, you can delete the Topaz DeNoise AI folder in Applications/Topaz Labs LLC if needed.
  4. Reinstall DeNoise AI from one of these links. Mac users should complete the drag and drop installation and leave the app installed directly in Applications.
    DeNoise AI Full Installer for Windows
    DeNoise AI Full Installer for Mac
  5. Reopen Lightroom and open DeNoise AI from the Edit In options. A new DeNoise AI preset should be there, named "Topaz DeNoise AI" and it should open the DeNoise AI external editor when clicked.
  6. Lastly, if this still doesn't work, and you have your Lightroom Catalog installed to an external drive, please follow the instructions in this video:
    How to Delete and Manually Install Your Lightroom External Editor Template
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