System Requirements for Topaz Photo AI

These are the system requirements for our newest Topaz Photo AI application. Please note that not all computers and hardware are compatible with our software and the requirements may be more stringent than other photography applications you are familiar with.

Windows Requirements
Mac Requirements

Internet Access

Topaz Photo AI requires an internet connection for user authentication, AI model downloading, & updates.

Windows Requirements

How to find your Windows computer specifications:

  1. Open the Start menu or tap your Windows key and type in "dxdiag". Click the icon that appears.
  2. When dxdiag opens the Windows OS, CPU, and RAM information can be found on the System page.
  3. Graphics & Graphics Memory information can be found on the Display pages.
Windows OS
10, 11 (64 bit, most updated OS version is recommended)
CPU Intel 2nd Generation i5 (released 2011) and later, with AVX
AMD CPU (released 2011) and later, with AVX
System Memory (RAM)
12GB (16GB and higher is recommended)
Graphics Card (GPU) & Graphics Memory (VRAM)
DirectX 12 compatible

NVIDIA GTX 900 or higher, 4GB VRAM (6GB or more for optimum performance)
AMD Radeon 400 or higher, 4GB VRAM (6GB or more for optimum performance)
Intel UHD 600 Graphics or higher, 12GB system memory (RAM)

Mac Requirements

How to find your Mac computer specifications:

  1. Click the Apple icon on the top left of your monitor.
  2. Click "About this Mac".
  3. A window will appear with the following information.
Mac OS
10.15 Catalina and above
CPU Intel 2nd Generation i5 (released 2011) and later, AVX required
Apple M1, M2
System Memory (RAM)
With Intel CPU: 16GB (24GB or more for optimum performance)
With Apple M1: 8GB (16GB or more for optimum performance)
Graphics Card (GPU) & Graphics Memory (VRAM)

Special Hardware Considerations For Topaz Photo AI
The specifications listed above are minimum requirements to operate the software. More robust hardware will improve overall performance and processing speed. Your computer's ability to process an image may be affected by the size of the file itself, and a large enough file can exceed the resources of a minimally equipped computer and cause errant behavior.

Some computers without a dedicated graphics card may function but errant behavior should be expected. A sufficient dedicated graphics card with OpenGL 3.3 and at least 2 GB of VRAM is our minimum requirement to support the software on your device. We do not support Intel HD Graphics 4600 integrated graphics cards or lower in any configuration.

Graphics Drivers
Outdated graphics drivers may result in faulty performance. Drivers should be kept current through the GPU manufacturer's website or provided software. Windows driver updates are rarely current and newer drivers may be available even when Windows says you are up to date. Our programs use the newest optimizations from both Nvidia and AMD whenever possible.

Tablets & iPads
Our photo applications do not currently run on iOS or Android devices. A laptop or desktop computer is required.

We currently do not support Linux-based operating systems.

Virtual Machines
You may find that some virtual machines work. We are not able to provide technical support for these machines as this is not yet an intended use case.

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