How to manually add the early-access release of Topaz Photo AI plugin to Adobe Lightroom Classic for Windows

Note: This is a temporary workaround for Windows users to provide access to the app as an external editor in Lightroom Classic. We're actively working on automatically creating the proper preset in Lightroom Classic in a subsequent update to Topaz Photo AI.

How To Install the early-access release of Topaz Photo AI To Lightroom Classic on Windows

1) Go to your Lightroom Preferences options. This is in Edit > Preferences. 

2. Go to the External Editing tab:

3. About halfway down, you'll see the Additional External Editor section. Click "Choose."4. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Photo AI\

5. Open the folder of Topaz Photo AI.

6. Select the program file itself from within the file. 

7. Click the Preset dropdown. Then select "Save Current Setting as New Preset."

8. Give your new preset a name. We recommend specifying a unique name such as “Topaz Photo AI (early access)”, so that you know which one to remove after we begin automatically adding the proper preset with subsequent updates of Topaz Photo AI.

 When completed, your preset name and program should show together like this:

You can now invoke Topaz Photo AI in Lightroom Classic from Photo > Edit In. 

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