How To Claim Early Access License For Topaz Photo AI

If you own DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI (also known as our Image Quality bundle), AND you have active upgrades for all three apps on your account, you are eligible to claim a free early access user license of Topaz Photo AI. If you don't have active upgrades to your apps, you'll need to purchase a Photo Upgrade Plan from within your account.

Once installed, if you have feedback for Topaz Photo AI, please go to our community forums to talk with our developers and quality control engineers to share your thoughts.

If you are eligible to claim the license, it will appear in the Bundle & Legacy Upgrades section of your Topaz Labs account. Once there you can follow the prompts to add your Photo AI user license.

From within your Topaz Labs Account, the link to the Bundle & Legacy Upgrades is as shown below.

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