My Adjust AI Does Not Open On MacOS Ventura

If you are trying to open Adjust AI and you are using MacOS Ventura, please know that Adjust AI does not work on Ventura at the moment. This app was discontinued in 2020 and hasn't been updated in several years.

MacOS Ventura beta testing was problematic for all of our apps but Apple eventually addressed all issues causing trouble for our programs except for Adjust AI.

Right now we do not know the root cause of the incompatibility and we simply don't know if it's going to work on this MacOS or not in the future.

We are waiting to see what patch releases Apple has in the coming weeks since it's pretty typical for major MacOS updates to have issues for a while.

Alternatively, we've had some users report mixed success by deleting their plist files, but it has not been universally successful: How To Delete Your Plist Files

As a discontinued legacy program, there are no plans for further updates to Adjust AI that may rectify this conflict.

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