How To Log In To Your Topaz Labs Website Account

Your Topaz Labs account contains information about your past purchases, user licenses, upgrade plans, and download links for your Topaz Labs products. It also contains license keys if you own any Topaz Labs legacy programs.

To login, go to and click the "Account" link in the main menu.

If you're not already logged into the website, it will take you to a login screen where you can enter your user email and password. Your user email is the email used when starting your Topaz Labs trial or when purchased your Topaz Labs program, and your first password would have been emailed to you separately.

Don't Know Your Password?
If it's your first time logging in, you'll want to use the email address you used to start your trial or to make your Topaz Labs purchase. A temporary password should have been emailed to you. If you did not receive your password, please check your spam folder or use the "Forgot Password" link on the login screen.

If you continue to have trouble logging in, you can always ask one of our support agents to reset it for you as well.

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