How To Download Your Topaz Labs Programs

There are multiple ways to download your Topaz Labs programs including from our dedicated downloads page or from within your account. Also learn the difference between online and full installers.

What Are Full & Online Installers?
Download From Your Topaz Labs Account
Download From The Topaz Labs Downloads Page
Legacy Downloads

Full & Online Installers

Our program installers are available in both online and full installer formats.

An online installer is used most often and downloads the needed components to install our program as the installer wizard guides you through the installation process.

The full installers download all of the components of our programs in the installer file itself prior to you running the installation wizard. 

If you need an online installer for an older version of our programs, please see our release notes. If you don't see a full installer for the version you want or for the program you want, please message our support team and we can provide one for you.

Note: If you are having trouble with an installation not working or receiving an error, use the full installer if possible. Full installers bypass some of the complexity and potential conflicts that can occur with online installers. Online and full installers for the most up-to-date versions of our programs are available on our Topaz Labs Downloads Page

Download From Your Topaz Labs Account

Because not all customers are using the same version of our programs, we provide links for the newest program you own in your account. You'll see online installerlinks for versions you own as well as options to upgrade if newer versions are available for you. Links are provided for both Windows and Mac downloads. Just select the one for you.

Note: You can download your programs on as many computers you like, but you'll only be able to login to two computers at a time for each user license you own.

Download From The Topaz Labs Download Page

The most up-to-date versions of all of our currently available software can be found on our Topaz Labs Downloads Page. Here you'll see Windows and Mac online Installers as well as full installers and compatible installers from some older operating systems.

The blue buttons are online installers for the most up-to-date version of each respective program:

Specialty links and full installers can be found in the text links for each program:

Note: If you install a version of the program you don't yet own you will need to purchase an active upgrade license or revert to an older version. A link for the version you own will be provided when you login to a version you don't yet own. 

Download Discontinued Legacy Programs

For links to download discontinued Topaz Labs plugins and apps, please go to our Legacy Downloads help article.

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