How To Log In and Out Of Your Of Your Topaz Labs Software

Once you've installed your Topaz Labs program, you'll want to login to the app so that it can synchronize with your ownership level. By default, our apps now operate as trials if you don't login, but if you have purchased the app, you'll need to login in order to use the program without watermarks or trial restrictions.

When the app opens you should see a Login screen that looks similar to this (Denoise AI used as an example):

Once you're on this screen, you'll enter the user email and password associated with your account to authenticate your ownership.

If you don't see this screen, you'll want to go to the Login option in the top program menu under Account. This menu item should populate the login screen for you.



As a note, for Video Enhance AI the Login option will be under Help. 

Don't Know Your Password?

If you are a new customer, your account will have a temporary password that was mailed to you. If you did not receive one, please check your spam folder. Once logged in you can change your password to whatever you like in your account.

Login Not Working?
The most common reason a login won't work is a typo in your email when you purchased your products or made your Topaz Labs account. If you purchased your program, but it does not recognize you as an owner, your purchase may be associated with the wrong email or have a typo in the email. A good indicator is if you didn't receive a receipt for your purchase by email. If you believe this may have happened, please contact our support team directly.

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