Why Does My Program Say Expired In My Topaz Labs Account

If you're looking at the My Products section of your Topaz Labs online account, you may see that one or more of your products says "Expired" next to an expiration date. You'll also see that it says "Owned" next to your program name.

It will look like this:

The "Owned" notation indicates you own a user license for that program, in this case Gigapixel AI. The "Upgrades: Expired" notation simply means that your upgrade license for that program, which allows you to receive the newest updates as they are released, has ended (as of the date shown).

Your purchase automatically comes with one year of active upgrades from the date of purchase. Once that year passes, your upgrade license for that program will end until you choose to renew it.

Even though your program upgrades have expired, you can continue to use the program that you own and have installed, but you would need to renew your upgrade license in order to receive the most up-to-date versions of the program after that expiration date. To know what version you own and what the newest version of that program is just scan to the right and you'll see it.

Pro Tip: If you own more than one Topaz Labs program with an upgrade license, you'll want to buy our Photo Upgrade Plan which allows you to buy upgrades to multiple programs for less than buying individual upgrades to each program.

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