What Is The Photo Upgrade Plan?

You may notice in our marketing or in your Topaz Labs account references to buying a "Photo Upgrade Plan." The Photo Upgrade Plan is a way for you to buy upgrade licenses for all of your Topaz Labs image apps for less than the cost of buying all of them individually. 

Here's what it looks like in your Topaz Labs account:
The Photo Upgrade Plan does a few different things to simplify your experience.

First, the photo upgrade plan synchronizes all of your upgrade licenses to expire on the same day one year from the date of purchase.
Second, if you own any upgrade license time on any of the photo apps already, it prorates that amount off the price, so that you don't double pay for any time you already own during the next 12 months. If you see the price listed for less than $99, that is an indication that you have some active upgrade license time still available on at least one of your programs, and the cost of the Photo Upgrade Plan is being adjusted to account for that.
Lastly, when you have three or more of our products that require upgrade licenses, you will receive a substantial discount over buying individual upgrade licenses for each program every program after the first two is essentially free.

Note: The Image Quality Bundle is NOT the same as the Photo Upgrade Plan. The Image Quality Bundle is a product bundle that provides you with Software Licenses you don't already own and prorates out programs that you do already own. Thus,  you are able to buy additional Topaz Labs programs at the bundle price. The Image Quality Bundle does NOT provide upgrade license time for programs you already own.

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