My Nvidia Driver Is Updated But I'm Getting A Message To Update My Driver

UPDATE 9/21/2021

Nvidia Studio driver 472.12, released September 20, 2021, resolves this issue for most RTX users. We have some reports of conflicts on the RTX 2070, but other RTX 20 Series cards appear to be functioning properly. Quadro GPUs may need to wait for the October update.

You can obtain this update through your installed GeForce Experience or directly from the Nvidia Driver Update Page.

My Nvidia Driver Is Updated But I'm Getting A Message To Update My Driver

Nvidia has a known conflict with the June, July, and August 2021 drivers for some graphics cards. This conflict specifically affects DeNoise AI "Standard" model and Sharpen AI "Too Soft" model. 

Here's the message you'll see: This is a legitimate error message for most user and it is possible you do need to update your driver. However, if you've already switched AI Processor settings in the program preferences and updated your graphics driver, but you continue to see this message for the Standard model in DeNoise and Too Soft model in Sharpen, you'll want to revert to the May Studio driver. Doing so should resolve this conflict for the time being:

Nvidia Driver Update Page

If you're not sure which GPU you have or if you think you've reverted but it's still happening, please send your system profile to our support team so we can review it and determine the best next steps:

How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)

If you have a GTX series graphics card and experience similar behavior, please reach out to our support team directly for assistance.

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