DeNoise AI Release Notes

Beginning with v 2.1.0 released April 2, 2020, our product release notes are posted to our community forums, where you can discuss them and give feedback on any changes we've made.

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Previous Release Notes

v 2.1.0

April 2, 2020

Major Features:
Improved RAW support
Added back some view options (Swipe/slider view)
Fixed crash issues when using OpenVINO mode
Fixed issues with the edges of images not getting denoised
Fixed some crashes when saving certain files as TIFFs
Chroma noise reduction has an infobox
Chroma noise reduction was simplified to one slider
Added option to cancel preview processing
Most progress displays should now animate smoother
Auto mode removed and replaced with a checkbox

Various menu options fixes
Added golden color to controls when using Auto settings
Minor UI changes and improvements

v 2.0.0

January 23, 2020

New Features:

Added batch processing of multiple images in standalone
Added batch processing of multiple images in Lightroom plugin


Addressed minor bugs


Implemented new installer framework
Split-view swiping has been temporarily removed

v 1.3.3

December 19, 2019


General bug fixes


Add ability to open log folder from inside DeNoise AI
Security Update

v 1.3.2

October 24, 2019


Fixed an issue that caused DeNoise AI to crash if the file name or path contained non-Latin characters.
Fixed an issue that prevented the in-app updater to run.
Fixed an issue that caused DeNoise AI to ignore the file's orientation metadata.


Updated authentication to better handle firewalls

v 1.3.1

October 9, 2019


Fix DPI issue that caused some images to appear squished in some photo editors

v 1.3.0

October 3, 2019


Substantially improved processing speed

v 1.2.1

August 2, 2019


Fix crash on export with TIFF files caused by metadata issue
Fixed issue preventing tiff files from opening on windows machines

v 1.2.0

July 17, 2019


Substantially reduced edge artifacts introduced in the previous version while maintaining shadow details.

v 1.1.1

May 24, 2019


Improved Metadata Support


When using the application as an Adobe Lightroom plugin, the apply button would not be enabled preventing the image from being saved and the application from being closed

v 1.1.0

May 22, 2019

New Features:

New option to apply “Auto” mode when your image is opened has been added to the preference window
The current file name is displayed in the title bar
AI Clear controls and models have been added to the application
New “Auto” button scans your image and sets control values to recommended levels
New “Reset” button sets control values back to initial values
The selections made in the “Save Image As” will now be remembered


Revised application user interface
The application version and the number of days remaining in a trial (if the application is in trial mode) are now displayed in the top toolbar instead of the application title bar
The icon to display the preview of the input or output file has been replaced with a hyperlink that displays the path and name of the file.
Improved plugin support
Improved processing models for DeNoise functionality


Windows - For displays that use a high scale (to increase the size of text on high-resolution displays), the product tour may become impossible to close
The Application may fail to install or run when folder or file names contain non-latin characters
When control values were set to zero, the image was still being processed
The application would fail to identify that changes had been made to the image and would not ask to save it before closing or opening a different image
Improved metadata support
Improved handling of details in shadow
Fixed color shifting

v 1.0.3

April 19th, 2019


Fixed Black Output Image Issue

v 1.0.2

April 19th, 2019


Fixed crashing issues caused by 1.0.1

v 1.0.1

April 17, 2019

New Features:

UI now adapts when opened in Lightroom
File type now used the last saved file type


Reduced post processing memory usage


Fixed repeated suffix bug

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