DeNoise AI v3.3 Lightroom Plugin Update Instructions

DeNoise AI v3.3.0 and newer uses a new Lightroom template and you will need to change your Additional External Editor preferences in Lightroom in order for your plugin to function properly.

There are two steps needed:

1. Install DeNoise AI 3.3 (or newer). Once installed open DeNoise AI by itself and close it.

2. In Lightroom, update Preferences > External Editor > Additional External Editor to the new DeNoise AI preset. Specific instructions for making this change are provided below. 

Detailed Instructions For Changing Your Additional External Editor Selection

1. Go to Lightroom Preferences > External Editor



3. Go to the Presets tab and make sure "Store presets with this catalog" is unchecked.

4. Now go to the External Editing tab. About halfway down, you'll see the Additional External Editor section. Click the "Preset'' dropdown menu and select your Topaz DeNoise AI preset.

5. After selecting the preset as seen above, close and reopen Lightroom. DeNoise will be updated to point to the new external editor file when selected.

Some users may now have duplicate presets visible if they manually installed the preset in the past. In this case, you can delete the previous (now broken) preset by following the steps in the video below. The non-functioning plugin will open DeNoise AI and the process button will say "Save Image." The correct plugin will say "Apply".

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