Sharpen AI 3.3 Lightroom Plugin Is Not Saving The Edit Back To Lightroom

If you updated to Sharpen AI version 3.3 or higher and your plugin does not appear to be functioning correctly in Lightroom, please make sure you reset your external editor and/or external editor preset integration in Lightroom.

Common Ways To Tell You Are Not In The Sharpen AI External Editor

  • The processing button says "Save Image" instead of "Apply"
  • The Sharpen AI version number in the top corner of the program does not say "External"

If you are opening the program and it says "Save Image" or doesn't say "External" as indicated above, your Lightroom is opening the stand-alone variation of the program, and this is not the correct integration.

How To Fix It

  1. Delete the existing Sharpen presets in Lightroom External Editor options: How To Delete Lightroom Presets
  2. Clear Additional External Editor Application selection if it is Sharpen AI.
  3. Close Lightroom and uninstall Sharpen AI. On MacOS, you can just delete the Topaz Sharpen AI folder in Applications/Topaz Labs LLC if needed.
  4. Reinstall Sharpen AI from one of these links: 
    Sharpen AI Full Installer for Windows
    Sharpen AI Full Installer for Mac
  5. Reopen Lightroom and try to invoke Sharpen AI from the Edit In options. A new Sharpen AI preset should be there and it should open to the proper Sharpen AI external editor.
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