DeNoise AI Stopped Working From Photoshop Or Lightroom When I Updated To DeNoise AI v3.4 Or Higher

Resync DeNoise AI To Lightroom and Photoshop

For Mac users, DeNoise AI v3.4 introduces a new installation process that installs the app directly into your Applications folder instead of Applications/Topaz Labs LLC. Because we're changing the installation format and location to your main Applications folder, you'll need to reset your plugins for Lightroom and Photoshop.

First, if you haven't done so please download the latest installer for DeNoise AI from our Topaz Labs Download Page

To do this, simply open the app by itself first. When you do, the Lightroom and Photoshop plugins should resync to the new app automatically. To be sure the Photoshop plugin resyncs, you can go Help > Re-Install Photoshop Plugin in the DeNoise AI menu. Then close the app and open Photoshop or Lightroom and try again.

Here's a walkthrough video to assist in this new update process:

Special Notes For Lightroom Users

If the plugin still doesn't seem to work from the "Edit In" menu in Lightroom, you probably have your Additional External Editor still pointed to the old DeNoise AI installation that should have been uninstalled automatically and it's failing due to this broken link. To fix this, open Lightroom and manually re-select the Topaz DeNoise AI preset from the preset drop down menu in your External Editor preferences.

You can find this in the Lightroom main menu under Preferences > External Editor, then click the Topaz DeNoise AI preset. This should completely reset your sync with DeNoise AI.

Lastly, if you have your Lightroom Catalog installed to an external drive, please follow the instructions in this video: Deleting and Manually Installing  Your Lightroom Template

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