To upgrade your plugin to the most recent version:
  1. Exit/close out of all open host programs.
  2. Download the individual plug-in from
  3. After installation is complete the upgraded plugin will appear in whichever host app(s) you are currently using. If using photoFXlab, this program will need to be updated as well to host the new software. 
  4. In case you are requested to activate the program, inside of the plugin navigate to the bottom left Menu -> Enter Key to copy and paste your license key.
Note: upgrades by decimal points will override the previous software (e.g. B&W Effects 2.1 will override B&W Effects 2.0). Upgrades by a whole version number will create a new plugin folder and will not override the previous version (e.g. Adjust 5 will not override Adjust 4; both plug-ins will remain on your system).

If you wish to remove older versions see here on how to uninstall the Topaz software.
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