To access the Topaz plug-ins in Ifranview:

  1. Make sure that you have downloaded and installed the 8bf plug-in add-on, available on the Irfanview webpage. (
  2. Open Irfanview and go to Image -> Adobe 8BF Filters ->  Filter Dialogue (or press Ctrl + K)
  3. In the screen that pops up, select “Add 8BF filters (Folder)” and navigate to: C: / Program Files / Topaz Labs (32-bit Windows users);  C: / Program Files (x86) / Topaz Labs (64-bit Windows users).
  4. Select the Topaz Labs folder and navigate to Topaz Adjust (or other plug-in) and click on the plugin folder and click OK. You will then see your plugins in the Available/Loadable 8BF Filters section.
  5. To use the Topaz plugins, simply go to Image -> Effects-> Adobe 8BF filters again and select the plugin you wish to open.
*Topaz ReMask is not compatible with Irfanview as the program requires layers in order to work. 

See this instructional video for additional assistance:
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