Help, my key isn't working!

Do you have the right license key?

Before reporting your issue to us, or reading below, please check the Topaz Labs License Key Guide to ensure your license key covers the product you're trying to acitvate:

Most Common License Key Issues

1. Make sure that you are copying (Command ⌘/Control + C) and pasting (Command ⌘/Control + V) your license key rather than typing it.

2. Please verify that your 30-digit license key is in the correct format. A valid license key will be all numerical and in the following format: "xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx"

3. 13 digit registration keys will not be accepted. These keys must be registered on our Registration Page in order to receive a 30 digit license key that can be entered into the program.

4. Please verify that you are entering the key in the Activation Code/License Key field and not the Your Name field

5. Check to make sure you have not accidentally copied an additional space in the license key, which exceeds the number of characters allowed.

Using the Wrong Box

1. Make sure that there are no blank spaces before pasting the key.

2. If your bundle key is being rejected, please see here for additional assistance: My bundle license key does not work with Star Effects / photoFXlab / Clarity / Restyle

3. If you are using the plugin within photoFXlab, you will also need to activate photoFXlab in order to use the plug-in (go to Help-> Enter Key to activate). Please see our photoFXlab License Key Issues article.

Misaligned License Key Values

You can fix this by pressing (Command ⌘/Control + A) to select everything in the License Key box, then press Delete.  This will empty the box and allow you to then paste all the numbers into the License Key box.

Accidentally Copied Spaces

If you find that you cannot enter the license key at all using copy/paste, then you may have copied an extra space before or after your license key, that is preventing the key from being entered. If you can type the key, but not paste it, this is the problem you likely are encountering. Here are two examples of each:

_Space Before


Space After_


This will cause the plugin to not respond to copy/paste at all, and can look like the field is refusing input.

Please note

Your license key will work with both the Mac and Windows versions of the software and all future updates of the plug-in (i.e. Adjust 5, Adjust 6, etc.)

Your license key will work on up to two computers. If you're on a Mac and wish to transfer over to PC (or vice versa) simply re-download the correct software from and your license key will still work.  

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