Individual Product Upgrades and Updates

Product upgrades are free for individual products. For example, updating from ReMask 4 to ReMask 5 is a free upgrade. Updating from DeNoise 5 to DeNoise 6 is a free upgrade.

 This excludes bundle or complete collection upgrades (i.e. if we release a new product this does not mean you get to add it on for free).

Your plugin can be updated to the latest version for free from the Downloads Page.

Bundle and Topaz Collection Upgrades and Updates

As we release new products, we update the name of the Collection. In the past, we have referred to the full offering of our product line as the Topaz Bundle and the Photoshop Bundle. We now refer to the Bundle or Collection that you own by the number of products it covers (Bundle 7, Bundle 10, Collection 15, etc.). We also provide a License Key Guide to keep things easy to identify:

If you want to upgrade to the Topaz photography collection which includes 17 products (everything we've made):

  1. Login to your My Account Page.
  2. Navigate to the Topaz Labs Web Store and you should see a discounted price on the Topaz Photography Collection based upon past purchases. You can confirm that this price is adjusted by noting the asterisk * located adjacent to the price
 Please note, if you have purchased the Collection 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16, there is not currently an automatic discount on a second purchase of the Collection. We are working on implementing an upgrade path for these customers, but for now, please see the Automatic Discounts for Collection Owners article, where you can find our automatic price reductions on Glow and Texture Effects. There are no automatic price reductions for Topaz Impression, at this time.

If you find that you do not have an account, but do have a license key, please reach out to us by Submitting a Ticket, and listing the email that was used to purchase the bundle along with proof of purchase. You will then receive further information on how to upgrade from that point.

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