Version 2.1 of B&W Effects was released in spring of 2013, so if you are running BW Effects 2 or a prior version, then this is a free upgrade. (See: How do I check my plugin's version number? & How do I upgrade my plugin to the latest version?)

A variety of new features were added into BW Effects 2.1 including: 

  • A Zone System: originally devised by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer, this new feature allows you to view eleven zones in your image that represent the full tonal scale from 0 (black) to 10 (white). This viewing mode helps one observe the changes in zones as exposure and other adjustments are made. This is not an adjustment tool, but a visual aid. 
  • New Borders: Prior versions of B&W Effects only had a choice of two borders: Solid Black or Solid White. This version includes many more, such as "grungy" and "burnt" border options. 
  • Tone Quicktools: Similar to the Color Filter buttons, quick-tools have been added for Silver and Paper toning for: Selenium, Cyanotype (Gold/Blue), Copper (Red), Sepia and Antique Dye.
  • Apply Button: This feature allows you to apply changes without having to exit the program. Multiple presets can be applied one on top of another and so forth.
  • Language Support: B&W Effects v2.1 supports Spanish, French, German, (Brazilian) Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified and Taiwanese). If your machine has one of these languages set in the region/language settings, the UI will be rendered in that language.

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