How to Correct Runtime Errors

 One of the most common causes of a runtime error is running a plugin-only application on its own. Please see the article below for information on which products can be run without a host editor.

Method 1


Uninstall the Topaz program that is giving you this error via Windows Control Panel and re-install it again. When you go to uninstall the Topaz program you may notice two versions of the Topaz program listed here. Please uninstall them both.


Please also check some additional locations to make sure that the corresponding Topaz program files are completely removed so that the same error does not occur again. The guide below can show you where all the Topaz Labs files are installed to:


Remove any installers you may have saved on your computer, from your Downloads folder, or other location that you may be saving these files.

What is an installer?


Once you have followed these steps, head to our Downloads Page using the button below, and download the plugin you need to reinstall:

Then, install the plugin again, and launch it!

Method 2

Windows Only!

Download and run the following utility to clear any Temporary Files that may be causing this issue:

New! Topaz Labs Temp Folder Cleaner


Removes the %tmp%/boost_interprocess_* folder

Windows Only

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