When you first launch photoFXlab, you will need to activate photoFXlab itself, as well as each individual plugin.  If you do not do this, you will receive an error stating you have not activated the plugin you are trying to use when clicking an option from the Effects menu.


PhotoFXlab will only accept a photoFXlab key or a Collection key.  It will not accept any of the individual plugin activation keys (e.g. Adjust, Clarity, Detail, etc), and photoFXlab will not accept a Bundle license key.

  1. Open photoFXlab
  2. The application starts with Effects selected by default.  Select the Plugins tab.
  3. Launch the plugin you would like to activate
  4. When you are in the plugin, look in the bottom left corner for the Menu option
  5. Select Menu → Enter Key, and enter your license key.  Press OK
  6. You can now use the presets listed in the Effects tab based off of that plugin!

If you purchased a license key for photoFXlab, to activate the program go to the Help Menu at the top and select 'Enter Key' where you can then copy and paste your 30 digit license key to activate the program. 

NOTE: photoFXlab does not come with the individual plug-ins (unless you purchased a complete collection). The individual plug-ins must be purchased separately and cannot be activated by the photoFXlab license key (unless using a complete collection license key). 

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