What to do first

When you receive a message that the installation of your Topaz Labs products has failed, for any reason, the first thing you should do is delete/trash the file you just opened. Then, head to our Downloads Page, by clicking the button below:

Download the application you tried to install, again, and open the new file you downloaded.


We have found that the most likely reason that your installation has failed, is due to either:
1. You're using an old, incompatible installer
2. Your downloaded installer file has corrupted
The best way to resolve this is to download another copy of the installer, and try again.

Mac Install Failure

This issue can be caused by many problems on your machine.  To determine exactly what is happening, please open the installer log when you receive the "Installation Failed" error message.  You can do this by either:

1. Pressing the Command + L keyboard shortcut

2. Selecting View → Installer Log from the top menu

Once you have opened the Installer Log, Save the log.  See below.

This installer indicates a failure.
Press Command + L

Once you see the installer log,
press the Save button

Windows Install Failure

When installing on Windows, an error may arise like the example below.  This is due to a permissions issue when installing, most likely due to the account you are installing from.

Cause 1:

If you're on a PC running Windows 7,8, or 10, this step will often fix installation issues:

Right-click the setup file that you downloaded and choose "Run As Administrator"

Continue the installation as you normally would.

Cause 2:

If you are currently running the software you're trying to update, then the installer can fail. This is because Windows prevents the modification or removal of files that are currently in use by the operating system. If you encounter this error, but Cause 1 does not seem to apply, please check that you did not leave any plugins open. Some products share certain files, so all Topaz products should be closed when updating any of our software.

If you're still running into this pesky error, please open a ticket via our Support Site and we'll be happy to help out!

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