Windows Issues:

Problem #1

You receive this message upon open Impression, causing it to crash:


You will need to update your Intel graphics card in order to resolve the issue. You must first uninstall your outdated graphics card and reboot your system before updating it. Please see this article for additional assistance on this:

Impression Crashing on Startup in Windows - Intel Graphics

Problem #2

You open Impression and see a red screen:

You will need to update your AMD graphics card to resolve this issue. Please see this article for additional assistance, which includes links to a direct download:

Red Screen issue when using Impression

Problem #3

In Photoshop you receive the message, "plugin failure", however Impression works as a standalone. To resolve this please make sure that you have not installed Impression to your Ps plugins folder. You'll need to remove the files from this folder to a different location. Another simple solution is to uninstall the software and then re-download it to anywhere except the Ps plugins folder. 

Problem #4

Your OpenGL is not supported by Impression. Please see here: 

Topaz Impression and OpenGL


Impression & WindowsBlinds Compatibility Issues 

Which video cards are supported with Impression?

Mac Issues:

Problem #1

I can't find Impression in the Photoshop Filter menu

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