Step 1: Check Out Our Most Popular Articles

Step 2: Search our Knowledge Base

Most common issues have been reported before and have solutions available online.  Try searching for the product that you're having issues with.  If you're receiving and error, try entering the error code or some of the text you see.

Step 3: Basic Troubleshooting

Always try these basic troubleshooting steps as they are common fixes for all sorts of issues.

 Restart your computer.

 Make sure you have the most up to date versions of our software from the Downloads Page

 Disable any security or antivirus software that you have running.  It's very common for Avast, Norton, AVG and other software to mistake our plugins as threats (which they are not).

 Create a new user on Windows or Mac and try using the software on this user.  If it works on the new user, something on your current user may be causing a conflict (i.e. Antivirus).

 Windows Users: Update your video drivers. Here's how.

 Mac Users: Update your OS using Software Update/App Store

Step 4: Open a Support Ticket

If you cannot find your issue above, and did not find it by searching, please reach out to us by submitting a ticket, or sending us an email (which creates a ticket for you!)

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