Here are some potential fixes for the commonly reported issues you may experience with Topaz ReStyle:


How do I get the promotional ReStyle discount?

ReStyle is missing from my plugins list in my host program:

  • Make sure that Photoshop, Lightroom and any other "host" applications are closed while installing ReStyle.
  • If you're experiencing this issue on a Mac, please follow the instructions in this articleFixing Topaz File Permissions on Macs.  
  • Make sure that you have completed the appropriate setup steps for your host program.  Here is a list of the most commonly used programs and applications:

ReStyle is not accepting my license key

How do I save, import, export and share my presets with ReStyle?

How do I create my own Presets?

ReStyle is crashing with an error (or no error at all):

Where can I download ReStyle?

    • It can be downloaded at any time from our Downloads Page.  You can also install ReStyle on up to two machines, PC or Mac, at once.

I just purchased Restyle.  Where is my license key?

    • You should receive an email from our company shortly after purchasing.  You may want to check your "spam" folder to ensure that it was not misrouted by your email provider.
    • All of your purchased license keys will be available for quick copying and pasting from your Account Page

Where can I find more help in regards to using ReStyle?

  • Here are a few helpful resources regarding tutorials from us:

Where is the ReStyle User Guide?

Where can I find ReStyle video tutorials?


If you're still unable to find the solution to your problem, please be sure to check our our Community Forum or Submit a Support Ticket.

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