To access Glow in the Filter menu, you will first need to run Glow as a standalone editor (Mac only). After that, restart Photoshop and Glow should then appear in your Filter menu. Should that fail to work, please do the following to resolve the issue: 


1. Go to Applications folder and right click on the Glow icon. 

2. Click on 'Show Package Contents'-> Contents-> Resources

3. Then copy the Topaz_Glow.plugin to your PSCC 2014 (or Photoshop, PSE) plugins folder (paste this file under the Topaz folder if there is one there).  

4. Restart PSCC 2014 (or Photoshop, PSE) and Glow should show up in the Filter menu. 



1. Go to installed location of Topaz Glow, which is usually at C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs\Topaz Glow.

2. There are two folders, PS_Plugins and PS_Plugins_x64, containing the 32-bit and 64-bit plugin files (the .8bf file) respectively.

3.  For 64-bit Photoshop host programs, make a shortcut to folder PS_Plugins_x64 and copy the shortcut file into the 64-bit Photoshop host's Plug-Ins folder.

4. For 32-bit Photoshop host programs, copy tlglowps.8bf file inside folder PS_Plugins and paste it in the 32-bit Photoshop's Plug-ins folder.

5. Restart PSCC 2014 (or Photoshop, PSE) and Glow should show up in the Filter menu.


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