“What are Glow's system requirements?”

Mac OS X 10.8 or higher, Windows 7/8 x64 + Open GL 2.1

*Does not support Windows 32bit


“Where does Glow install to?”

The program will then install as a standalone editor to:

  • Mac: Applications folder
  • Win: C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs\Topaz Glow


“The download I received doesn't work. What do I do?”

You likely received a faulty installer due to a time out in our server. Please download a fresh installer from our downloads page at topazlabs.com/downloads. You will not be charged to re-download the software. 


“Does my Topaz Collection come with Glow?”

If you purchased a Topaz collection before the release of Glow, then no, it doesn’t come with Glow. While individual product upgrades with Topaz are complimentary, collection upgrades are not free and you will have to purchase Glow to obtain a license key. The price of the Topaz collection rose $40 with the addition of Glow. If a Topaz Collection is listed in your account, you'll receive an automatic $10 credit towards Glow.

See: I own a Topaz collection. Can I get a discount on Glow?


“I need a Topaz Glow trial key.”

Topaz Glow does not require a trial key. The 30 day activation will be automatic upon downloading the software.


“Do you have any Glow tutorials?”

You can find Glow tutorials on our blog at blog.topazlabs.com and on YouTube at youtube.com/topazlabs.


“I can’t find Glow in the Photoshop Filter menu”

To access Glow in the Filter menu, you will first need to run Glow as a standalone editor (Mac only). After that, restart Photoshop and Glow should then appear in your Filter menu. See here for additional support if needed. 


“I don’t have Photoshop, will Glow work with my Elements, Lightroom or Paint Shop Pro?”

Yes, Glow is a standalone editor and doesn’t require a host editor to be used. See the Glow setup requirements for where the software installs to and how to access it as a plugin.


“Why is Glow grayed out in the Photoshop Filter menu?”

Please make sure that your image is 8bit or 16bit and in RGB mode. To detect your image’s settings, go to Image-> Mode. Please also be sure that your layer is selected in the layers panel and that an adjustment layer is not selected.


“If I use the 30-day trial version will I need to uninstall the trial version before I upgrade to a full version?”

No, there is no difference between the purchased software and trial software.


“Can I use the purchased software on both Mac and PC?”'

Yes, you may use the purchased software on two operating systems at a time. Your license key will work on both versions. The correct software can be downloaded from our downloads page at topazlabs.com/downloads.


“Does Glow work with Fusion Express or photoFXlab?”

No, Topaz Glow does not work with either editors. Glow works as its own external editor within Lightroom does it does not need Fusion. 


“Does Glow work with Aperture or iPhoto?”

No. After the update to Yosemite, the Topaz plugins ceased to work with Aperture or iPhoto.


“Why doesn’t my Topaz Collection key work with Glow?”

Glow requires its own license key to be activated, so Topaz Collection or Bundle license keys will not activate Glow. 


“How do I save a custom effect?”

To save a preset of your own click on the ‘+’ icon in the top right menu (within the parameters). You can then fill in the required info and assign the preset to a collection. To access the parameters, simply press P. 


“Does Glow contain masking?”

The current version of Glow does not contain a masking module. We plan to implement this in a future update.


“Why can’t I undo the effect?”

Glow currently does not have an undo function. We plan to implement this in a future update.





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