"Where do I enter my license key?"
See License Key Activation


"Why isn't my license key being accepted?"
See My license key is not being accepted


"Will my license key work on both Mac and Windows?"
Yes, the license key you purchased will work on both platforms. 


"Why isn't my PhotoFXLab license key working?"
See PhotoFXLab license key issues


"I have a 13-digit serial number. How do I get my license key?"
To obtain your license key for the purchased software, please register your 13-digit serial code at topazlabs.com/registration.


"Why won't my Impression / Glow trial key work?"
Please see this article.


"I completed my purchase, but why didn't I get an email with my key?"
If you didn't receive an email in your inbox,

  • Check your spam/junk folder.
  • Login to your account to find your key: My Account
  • Still can't find it? Submit a support ticket and we'll be happy to help!


"Why doesn't my bundle/collection license key work with everything?"

Please see here for information. 

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