Windows 10 Upgrade with Topaz Labs


Time to Upgrade Windows!  On July 29th, Microsoft released Windows 10 to the public.  Here's how to upgrade, and keep all your Topaz Labs presets intact.


Step 1: BACKUP

This should always be your first step when performing a major Operating System update, so that's where we are going to start.  There are already numerous reports that the Windows 10 auto-backup process is failing to save all program data and personal settings.  There's no need to take that risk, so we'll be backing up our Topaz Labs presets ourselves.  If you are wondering what to do about your host editor, here are statements from their creators directly:


If you are not concerned with maintaining your presets, you can skip to Step 2.

To backup your Topaz Labs presets, you will need to copy the following folders to a backup location (external drive, etc.):

C:/Program Files (x86)/Topaz Labs/

  • /Topaz Adjust 5/Presets/
  • /Topaz BW 2/Presets/
  • /Topaz Clarity/Presets/
  • /Topaz Clean 3/Presets/
  • /Topaz DeJpeg 4/Presets/
  • /Topaz DeNoise 5/Presets/
  • /Topaz Detail 3/Presets/
  • /Topaz InFocus/Presets/
  • /Topaz Lens Effects/Presets/
  • /Topaz ReStyle/Presets/
  • /Topaz Simplify 4/Presets/
  • /Topaz Star Effects/Presets/

Glow & Impression:

  • C:/Users/<Username>/AppData/Local/Topaz Labs/Topaz Glow/QML/OfflineStorage/Databases/
  • C:/Users/<Username>/AppData/Local/Topaz Labs/Topaz Impression/QML/OfflineStorage/Databases/

Please note, ReMask, PhotoFXlab, and Fusion Express 2 do not have data or presets that need to be backed up.


Step 2: Upgrade Windows

Only move to this step after you have backed up any custom presets you want to keep.  Microsoft has published an entire upgrade guide that can be found on their site:


Step 3: Install Topaz Labs

Given the nature of data risk when updating Operating Systems, you will likely need to reinstall your Topaz Labs plugins.  If you are unfamiliar with this process, here's how to download and install your plugins:


Step 4: Restore your Presets

Now that you have upgraded Windows and reinstalled your Topaz Labs plugins, you can restore your presets.  If you did not back up any presets, you can skip this step and head straight to your host editor to start using your Topaz Labs software.  Here's how to restore your presets:

  1. Before opening any of your plugins, ensure that you have access to your /Presets/ and /Databases/ folders, from your backup drive
  2. Copy the /Presets/ folders for each plugin from your backup drive to their newly installed locations. If you're not sure where that was, just scroll back to the beginning of this guide.  The locations will be the same.  For example, /Topaz Adjust 5/Presets/ is the Adjust preset folder.
  3. Launch your plugin!


If you have trouble with this process, please feel free to reach out to us via our Support Center, by Submitting a Ticket



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