Topaz ReMask 5 works as both a standalone editor and plugin. This means that a compatible host editor is not required to use Topaz ReMask. Although, you may access it as a plugin via compatible host editors.

System Requirements


 OS: OS X 10.9.x, 10.10.x, or 10.11.x

 GPU: OpenGL 2.1 Support or Higher

 RAM: At least 2GB

 OS X 10.8 or older not supported. PowerPC not supported.  ReMask 5 must be located in /Applications/ to run properly from Photoshop.


 OS: Windows 7, 8/8.1, or 10, 64bit only

 GPU: OpenGL 2.1 Support or Higher

 RAM: At least 2GB

 32bit versions of Windows will not work with ReMask 5. Older versions of Windows (XP, Vista) will not work either.

For more information on OpenGL, please review this article.

Download Instructions

  • To download ReMask 5, please visit
  • Locate Topaz ReMask 5 and click on the appropriate Mac or Windows button beneath that product to start your download.
  • The download you start automatically, however, if prompted, select "Save".
  • The downloaded installer will be located in your Downloads folder or Desktop, most likely, as an .exe (Win) or .dmg (Mac)

Run the Installer:

  • Mac Installer: Click the ReMask icon and drag it to the Applications folder, from within the installer. Once ReMask is moved to the Applications folder, close the installer. Launch ReMask 5 from the /Applications/ folder in Finder
  • Windows Installer: Follow the prompts to install the application

The program will then install as a standalone editor to:

Mac: Computer/Macintosh HD/Applications/Topaz ReMask 5

Win: C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs\Topaz ReMask 5

Plugin Compatibility

To use Topaz ReMask as a plugin, first run the standalone program via the directories listed above.  This is a one-time setup that require to use the software as a plugin.

ReMask 5 can then be accessed as a plugin via:

  • Photoshop CS4+
  • Photoshop Creative Cloud
  • Photoshop Elements 6+
  • Paintshop Pro X
  • Lightroom, via external editor
  • Not compatible with PhotoFXLab or Fusion Express

Accessing ReMask 5 in Photoshop Creative Suite, Photoshop Creative Cloud, and Photoshop Elements:

After launching ReMask 5 as a standalone editor, it will become available in your Photoshop Filter menu (you may need to restart Photoshop). 

If not, please see here on how to access it here:

Important: Your image will need to be 8 or 16-bit depth in RGB color mode. You can change this via Image → Mode in Photoshop.

Accessing ReMask 5 in Lightroom:

Make sure that "TIFF" is selected under File Format. In addition, select 16bits/component for bit depth. For color space, use ProPhotoRGB for optimal editing. 

Accessing ReMask 5 in Corel PaintShop Pro:

  1. Go to File → Preferences → File Locations...
  2. Scroll to select Plugins from the File types list and click Add
  3. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs\ 
  4. Select the Topaz ReMask 5 folder and click OK
  5. Click OK again to return back to your main screen.
  6. Go to Effects → Plugins → Topaz Labs → Topaz ReMask 5 and select it to start the program. 

Accessing ReMask 5 in Serif Photo Plus:

  1. Go to File  Preferences
  2. Select Plug-ins from the list and then click Browse.
  3. Navigate to: C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs\
  4. Select the Topaz ReMask 5 folder and press OK.
  5. Press OK again to return back to your main screen.
  6. Exit out of Serif and then re-open it.
  7. To access Impression, open an image and go to Effects → Plugin Filters → Topaz Labs  Topaz ReMask 5

Entering Your License Key

Upon entering ReMask 5, you should be prompted to enter your 30-digit license key. Simply copy & paste this license key into the provided space to activate the program or start your trial.

If you're on a trial, please know that there is no difference between the trial and purchased software versions.  The only difference is the license key used to activate the program.  This means that you do not need to re download the software if you already have the trial installed and have made your purchase.

Important:  You can use your purchased software on two computers at a time. The key will work for both Mac and PC.  Navigate to to download the appropriate software.


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