For information on updating from ReMask 1, 2, 3, or 4 to ReMask 5, see article below:

What's new?

  • ReMask can now be used as a standalone application!
  • Lightroom compatibility added
  • Background replacement feature added
  • Introducing support for High DPI (4k) monitors in Windows 7/8/10 (Requires a restart)
  • Now requires 64bit OS: ReMask 5 System Requirements
  • Now requires OpenGL 2.1 (if you're not sure what that means, see here)


This means you can launch ReMask without needing a host application, such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Paintshop Pro, Photoplus, or any other application.  You are now able to open ReMask like you would any application, make your mask, and move on in your workflow.  Speaking of workflow...

Lightroom Compatibility:

For quite some time now, ReMask has been our only product not compatible with Lightroom, and other editing applications that do not support layers.  Well, not anymore!  Now, ReMask will launch as an external editor in Lightroom, and allow you to do masking operations for background replacements or selective adjustments.  Speaking of background replacement...

Background Replacement:

Our developers have been hard at work adding this new feature into ReMask 5, and ensuring that it serves your workflow and editing capabilities.  There are several things to note about the Background Replacement tool:

  1. It will only be visible after you Compute your mask
  2. The panel is located in the bottom left corner of the application, and relocates the background color tool by combining it with the background replacement panel
  3. You have sliders that allow you to control the following elements in your background:
    • Brightness (-50 → +50)
    • Contrast (-50 → +50)
    • Saturation (-50 → +50)
    • Temperature (Cool → Warm)
    • Tint (Green → Magenta)
    • Blur (0 → 100)
  4. The Orange button  is used to move, scale, and rotate your background.  The Yellow button  is used to replace the background image (use your own)

Support for High DPI monitors in Windows:

This update will add support for 4k monitors in Windows to ReMask.  In order for this feature to take effect, you will need to restart your computer.  We did not make this automatic, due to the relatively low number of 4k users.  If you have any problems getting this feature to work for you, please open a Support Ticket and we will help you out!

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