The Public Release of OS X 10.11 El Capitan for Mac is here! There are a few changes that have taken place in this new version of OS X:

What's different?

Some changes in OS X 10.11 will cause crashes in some plugins you installed before OS X 10.11 was released. Fortunately, we noticed this when El Capitan was still in beta, and have already released the updated installers needed to make your Topaz Labs software work with this new version! All you have to do is head to our Downloads Page, and grab the newest installer for plugins you are having trouble with. You do not need to uninstall any files, you can simply run the newly downloaded installer to allow your software to work!

 Click Here to Update

When you get to the Downloads Page, download the installer for the individual plugin you are having trouble with, or download the Collection Installer.

Problems with the Update?

If you receive Error 2000/2002/2004/2006 messages after installing, all you have to do to fix this issue is download and run the Topaz Labs Permissions Utility, available below:

New!Topaz Labs Permission Utility Fix
for  Mac

 Download v1.1.5


v1.1.5 Current Version

Password required
Improved Error Handling
Improved Permissions Correction Approach
New Option to Save Result (For Support)
Download the file above, and open it. When you run the utility, you will need to enter your administrator password, and press enter. That's it!

After following this procedure, reinstall your plugins.  Please do not use installers you already have.  Head to our Downloads Page and grab the newest copy of the installer file you need, as we will always have our updates posted here.

If this process did not work for you, please reach out to us using the button below, and we will work with you to figure out why it did not work!

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