Topaz Texture Effects introduces the new Topaz Community, which contains an ocean of hand-crafted user-created effects made by users just like you. Surf through the effects and download another user’s shared effect to apply it to your image.  In Texture Effects, select the Login button in the top left corner of the application.  You will see the login screen below:

Log in to the Topaz Community with either your email address or Topaz Labs Username.  Once you login, you will be able to upload your own effects to the Topaz Community.  Please note the following
  • Effects/Presets are assigned ownership by username.  If you want to retain ownership of a preset, you must retain ownership of the username.  Please see our Managing Your Topaz Labs Username and Email Address article
  • All Effects/Presets are subject to the Topaz Labs DMCA Policy
  • You do not have to sign in to browse the Community, or download presets for use in your image
  • You do have to sign in to share your own effects/presets to the Community
How to Download Effects from the Topaz Community

How to Share Effects with the Topaz Community


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