Topaz Texture Effects is a demanding application.  On some systems, when using a graphics card with a very low (<1GB) of dedicated memory, you can experience crashes. Also, outdated graphics card drivers can cause crashes.

Crashes as Standalone

Check your Graphics Card Driver Date

When using Windows, issues with Texture Effects crashing can often be resolved by updating your Graphics Card drivers. Please see the article below for information on how to update your drivers:

 Macs receive driver updates through OS X updates, so the above process will not apply to your machine if you are using an iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, or Mac Pro.

Crashes in Photoshop

Not Enough Memory

Most of the time, the reason the application crashes is because the Graphics Card you have installed does not have enough storage on the card to process all the required instructions that are given to it by the application.  For Topaz Texture Effects, this is only problematic if you are using lower-end hardware.  You are much more likely to see these types of crashes when using Texture Effects as a Photoshop plugin, because Photoshop uses the same resources that Texture Effects uses for some processing. Fortunately, you can address these crashes by reducing the amount of system memory you allow Photoshop to use, which may reduce the demand for resources on your Graphics Card dedicated memory.  For Texture Effects, we have found it most effective to reduce the available memory for Photoshop to 50%, from the default 70%.  Here is what we recommend:

Switchable Graphics Not Configured

If you are using Intel Graphics, in addition to an NVIDIA or AMD graphics card, you may be utilizing switchable graphics. This setup will save energy when you do not need to use the more powerful dedicated (NVIDIA/AMD) graphics card, by using the integrated (Intel) graphics card. This can cause trouble, however, if you have not specified that both Texture Effects and your host editor should use the more powerful graphics card. Please see the article below for more information on how to configure switchable graphics for both NVIDIA and AMD switchable graphics

Crashes When Opening a Photo

If you are seeing the application crash as soon as you select Open or as soon as the plugin launches from your host editor, and you have a Dell PC, there may be a conflict occurring with the Dell Backup & Recovery software installed on your machine. The problem is related to a registry entry in the Dell B&R software that conflicts with our software's ability to read files. The fix is quite simple, and does not impact the functionality of the Dell B&R service. To correct this issue, please download the following file, which will clear the offending registry entries:

To use this tool, download from the button above, then unzip the dbr-delete.reg file inside. Double-click the dbr-delete.reg file, and the following items will be emptied from your registry:

  • Registry Location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers\
  • Key #1 DBARFileBackuped
    Key #2 DBARFileNotBackuped
  • Key #3 DBRShellOverlayBackupFile  
    Key #4 DBRShellOverlayModifiedBackupFile
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