Texture Effects does not support NAS file importing.  
The resource must be on a local drive to be imported into Texture Effects!

All imported files must be in RGB format.  If you import Grayscale, or any other color space, the import process will fail.

Step 1: Click the import button in any adjustment (Texture, Light Leak, etc.).  If you do not see this button in an adjustment type, then you cannot import resources to that particular adjustment type.

Step 2: Decide which Category you would like to import your resource to.  You will see some default choices, along with the option to add your own Category.  The imported resource you choose will be associated with the category you have selected before you press Import.

Step 3: Choose the resource you would like to import.  Texture Effects will not allow you to import multi-layered TIFF files.  You can import JPEG, TIFF, and PNG files as various types of adjustment resources (light leaks, scratches, etc.)

Step 4: Select the file, confirm in the image dialogue window, and you're done!

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