How to Set Your Topaz Labs Username

If you have set your username once already, usernames can only be reset by submitting a request to our Support Team.
  1. Log in to your My Account page and click the "choose one now" link. If you cannot find this link, then click this link: Set Topaz Labs Username.
  2. Enter the username you want, and press Submit.
  3. If the username is available, you will see the following success message
  4. If the username is not available, you will see the following error.  Please choose another username.
  5. If you believe you might have created a different account with this username, please attempt to reset your password.

How to Change your Topaz Labs Email Address

  1. Select the "Edit account info" link from your My Account page.
  2. Enter your new email address in the field shown below, then press Submit.

If you are shown a message stating the email you are trying to change to already exists.  If this is the case, please Submit a Ticket, and we can help straighten it out for you!

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