Your Topaz Labs user account provides you access to all the excellent materials, guides, videos, and resources we provide to our customers.  Your account is also where we store your license keys.  From your My Account page, your main Topaz Labs user portal, you can see your license keys, recent orders, and modify your user information.

How Do I Create a Topaz Labs Account?

You can create your Topaz Labs account by heading to our registration page.  For more information on this process, please see How to Create a Topaz Labs Account.  An account will also be created for you if you register show keys on our Registration Page, from a trade show, event, or reseller purchase.


By default, your username is set to your email address.  If you would like to change or set your username, please visit our Managing Your Topaz Labs Username and Email Address article.

How Do I Log In?

There are a few different ways to log in, from the main Topaz Labs website, the Topaz Labs forums, or the Topaz Community.  Please see our How to Log In to Your Topaz Labs Account article.

How Do I Update My Billing Information?

Simply click the "Edit" button listed under Billing Address to change this information.  Be sure this information is correct, because it can cause a payment failure if your address is incorrectly listed.  You can also use this link: Edit Billing Information.

I Have Multiple Accounts.  How do I combine them?

Easy!  Simply Submit a Ticket so we can combine all of your accounts into one for you.  Please be sure to include all email addresses that your accounts are listed under.

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