If Fusion Express 2 will not launch when you try to access it from Lightroom, or another host editor that uses this utility, then you may have an issue with File Permissions, or your installation.  The easiest way to identify this issue is if you select Fusion Express 2 as your external editor in Lightroom, and it only duplicates your image, not launching Fusion Express 2.


If Fusion Express 2 does not launch on Windows, then the installation is likely corrupted, and should be removed from your machine.  Please see our How to Uninstall article for removal from Windows.  You can grab the latest installer for Fusion Express 2 below:

After you have reinstalled Fusion Express 2, use the Lightroom setup guide below to get everything setup again:


All you have to do to fix this issue is download and run the Topaz Labs Permissions Utility, available below:

New!Topaz Labs Permission Utility Fix
for  Mac

 Download v1.1.5


v1.1.5 Current Version

Password required
Improved Error Handling
Improved Permissions Correction Approach
New Option to Save Result (For Support)
Download the file above, and open it. When you run the utility, you will need to enter your administrator password, and press enter. That's it!

If this process did not work for you, please Submit a Ticket, and we will work with you to figure out why it did not work!

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