What's New? New Texture Category, New Textures, and New Effects!

Topaz Texture Effects 1.1.0 includes 42 new textures, 15 new effects and performance enhancements.

New Effects

  • Amelia's Dreams
  • Bristling Energy
  • Bubbly Sheen
  • Diana Leaks
  • Dirty Sunset
  • Dreamy Gaze
  • Fading Canvas
  • Fading Paper
  • Fantasy Land I
  • Fantasy Land II
  • Smooth Stone
  • Striking Gritty
  • Window Gaze
  • Winter Day I
  • Winter Day II

New Textures

There is also an all new Weather Category in the Texture Adjustment!  The new textures include rain, water drops, snow, and other weather elements.  To find these new assets, simply add a new Texture Adjustment, and select the Weather category from the categories dropdown.

Step 1: Look for the Weather Category in the Texture Adjustment Step 2: Select the new texture you want to apply!

Other Release Notes:

The 1.1.0 update includes bug fixes and performance enhancements.  You can now choose to disable the Topaz Community Download Count update, which will speed up the viewing of presets in the Community.  To disable the Download Count option in Texture Effects 1.1.0, simply select Help > Performance - Update Download Count.  If you have disabled this option, the check mark next to the setting will be gone.  You should see improved render times for all presets shown in the Topaz Community.

Also, the Effects Browser will remember which option you selected last to select your preset.  You can choose either from Local, Community, or Both, and Texture Effects will now remember which option you picked a preset from last!  

How To Update

If you already have Texture Effects:

Select your operating system below, and you will download the Texture Effects 1.1.0 Update.  This file is ~1.8GB in size, and is the Full Installer.  The updated application that includes the new Weather assets is only available in the Full Installer.  All other non-asset related updates such as bug fixes and performance enhancements have been included in the Mini Installer, which can be found here.  Both Full and Mini have been updated to 1.1.0.



Don't see buttons above?  Click the links below to get the installer:


If you do not have Texture Effects:

Please head to the Topaz Labs Web Store and purchase Texture Effects.  If you would like to try it out for 30 days, instead, simply head to our Downloads Page, and download the installer.  You will simply press Start/Continue Trial to use the software for 30 days.  After 30 days, you will be asked to head to our Web Store to purchase Texture Effects.

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