Are your presets actually "missing"?

If you aren't able to use your presets, there are a couple reasons why that might be the case. If they are missing, then they will look like the "Missing Preset" example below. However, if your presets are listed, but are not showing previews properly, then you'll see something like the "GPU Problem" example below.

Missing Presets

GPU Problem

missing_presets.jpg gpu_problem.jpg

If you see the same thing as the "Missing Preset" example, then you can proceed through this article. If you have a GPU Problem, then you may need to update your graphics card drivers. Select the button below to head to an article that will help you get updated, if you are using a PC. If you have an Apple computer, please check the system requirements page, to ensure your GPU is sufficient to render in the application you're using.

Download the .bat/.app file for your Platform and Application by clicking on the appropriate button below.  If you have a Mac, use the Mac button.  If you have a PC, use the Windows button.

You will receive a warning that the file might be dangerous, but that is ok, it is safe.  Run the file one time.

Once you have run the file, you should be able to see your presets and previews in the application.

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Please note, this tool will remove all existing presets, then install default presets. If you have custom presets you want to keep, please back them up first. You have been warned!

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Adjust 5

Compatible with v5.2+

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Simplify 4

Compatible with v4.2+

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DeNoise 6

Compatible with v6.0+

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Glow 2

Compatible with v2.0+

Click to download

Impression 2

Compatible with v2.0+

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Texture Effects 2

Compatible with v2.0+
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