If you would like to get an even better discount on your Topaz Labs products, you can always refer a friend to us!  Here's how it works:

Step 1: Click the Share Topaz → button located on your My Account Page
Step 2: Share Topaz Labs any way you want, whether through email, Facebook, Twitter, or by simply copying a link unique to you
Step 3: Your referral will automatically be given a $20 store credit for use during their first purchase with us.  

As soon as the person that you have referred purchases, you will be given a $20 store credit.  You can check your current credit amount on the Topaz Credits page. There is no limit to how much store credit you can accumulate, and it will not expire.

Referral benefits

When your friends visit your unique link, we'll automatically give them $20 store credit on your behalf.

You then get $20 credit whenever a friend buys within 30 days of visiting.

Store credits

Credits are used just like money on anything in our Store.

(For example, they can be used on top of any coupon codes you may have.)

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