Incorrect Permissions Cause Crashes

Many problems can be created by incorrect permissions on a Mac.

It's one of our most commonly reported problems, so we have done away with complicated Terminal commands and explanations of what file permissions even means to the regular user. Enter the Topaz Labs Permissions Utility, available below:

New!Topaz Labs Permission Utility Fix
for  Mac



v1.3.2 Current Version

Password required
Added support for Topaz DeNoise 6
Improved Permissions Correction Approach
New Option to Save Result (For Support)

How to Use:

Download the file above, and open it. That's it! The utility does the rest for you.

 After following this procedure, reinstall your plugins, using a freshly downloaded installer from the Downloads Page

Do not run this utility, then try the plugins again. You must install again after performing this procedure.

If this process did not work for you, please reach out to us using the button below, and we will work with you to figure out why it did not work!

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