App Store vs Topaz Store

The Topaz Labs Web Store only makes our full versions available, which can be used as standalone applications (for the products that currently support it), as plugins in Lightroom and Photoshop, and can be installed on both Windows and Mac machines. However, our full licenses will limit your use to two machines at once, whereas your App Store version can be used on all the Mac machines you own. You can read more about the license you are purchasing from our Topaz Labs Store, here:

App Store Version

ReMask Prime
Glow FX

Why should I get the App Store Version?

 Focused on core Topaz Labs Technologies

 Can be used on all Macs you own


 Simplified interface and controls


 Easy to use

 Tracked in App Store

Topaz Store Version

ReMask 5

Why should I get the Topaz Store Version?

 Full control of Topaz Labs Technologies

 Can be used as standalone and plugin

 Can be used on either Mac or PC

 Presets and individual adjustments available

 Use the same interface as the pros!

 Ongoing training features full versions

 Tracked on My Account page

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