Purchases from the  Mac App Store

Purchases made in the Mac App store of any of the Prime versions of our software will only work on Mac. Since these versions are limited in their capabilities, the price you will find the App Store version listed at will be signficantly lower than the full versions available at the Topaz Labs Web Store. This also means that you are not purchasing a version that can be installed on both Mac and Windows machines, so your purchase cannot be transferred to Windows. If you would like to purchase the full version from our store, please visit with the button below:

What's the difference?

App Store purchases will not provide you with a license key, so they cannot be activated on Windows machines. Also, your purchase will be tracked in the App Store, instead of the Topaz Labs My Account page. You can see the full list of differences between the App Store versions and the Topaz Labs Store versions by clicking the button below:

How do I get the full version?

We are still working on an update path to provide customers with the option to move from a Prime version of a product to the full version. In the meantime, we encourage our customers to give the full versions a trial run!

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