How To Get a Refund

In order to receive a refund, we will need the order number you were provided when you purchased. You can also find this information on your My Account page. Here's where you'll find that information:

When making your request, be sure to include the order number in the submission form. Here's where you'll find that on the  New Ticket page:

Standard Refunds

Our Policy:

We allow no-questions-asked refunds, within 30 days of your date of purchase. Any refunds requested within the 30 day period which are unable to be processed within 30 days will be provided through alternate means (Check by mail, Paypal Funds Transfer). If you purchased more than 30 days prior to your request for a refund or exchange for another product, you will not be eligible.

Accidental Purchases

Our Policy:

If you have accidentally purchased a product you did not want, purchased a product twice, or paid for an update that you already owned, we will refund your purchase as quickly as possible. You will be subject to the 30 day refund period limitation above.

Discount Grace Period Refunds

Our Policy:

We allow customers that purchased 30 days or less from the beginning of a promotion that offers a lower price, to receive a refund for the difference between what they paid, and the promotional pricing. We will factor in any store credit you may have used during your purchase, and make the adjustments accordingly.

Trade Show/Event Refunds

Our Policy:

All refunds for purchases made at Club Meetings, Events, Trade Shows, or other venues where registration codes were sold, along with physical media, in person, must be received directly from the seller you purchased from. Refunds of this type can only be refunded if requested within 30 days. You will need to provide the following information to the seller of your software:

1. A scan or photograph of your discs so that the product serials of each disc is clearly visible.
2. A scan or photograph of your receipt.
3. Your credit card number and expiration date. If you’re uncomfortable with typing in your credit card information, you’re welcome to include that information in the photo (you can hand write it on your receipt or another piece of paper).
4. Once the seller receives this information, and it is legible, the seller will immediately credit your account. The product serials of your products will be removed from the Topaz active software database. Please uninstall or delete all of your Topaz products from your computer.

3rd Party Reseller Refunds

Our Policy:

All purchases made with a 3rd party reseller (B&H Photo, Creation Engine, 5DayDeal, etc.) will only be refunded by the reseller you purchased from. We are not able to process 3rd party purchase refunds. Purchases made from 3rd parties are not eligible for exchanges.

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